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5 Activities A Preschool Must Organize To Sharpen Kids Math Skills

Choosing the best preschool Fremont CA for your kid is as important as picking his or her higher studies. The curriculum followed in these schools plays a key role in the development of the kids. So, find out the curriculum a school follows prior to choosing a preschool for your little one. Different subjects are taught in preschool and one among them is Mathematics. It is interesting to those kids who understand the concepts and is intimidating to those who don't.

There are many activities your kid's preschool must organize to sharpen their math skills. We have listed the top 5 of them below.

  • Spatial Sense

Some examples of spatial sense are recognising shapes, size, space, position and puzzles. Kids not only learn shape names but can compare them, classify them and even draw them. Kids learn to group all triangles in a place where a triangle is drawn with all yellow objects inside a circle where the color yellow is indicated.

  • Number sense

This is the concept of understanding numbers, for example- The ability to count forward accurately and backward. We know that addition and subtraction are complex skills for pre-k kids but they can count the number of objects. They can also recognise the difference between more and less.

  • Estimation

It is the ability to measure the amount or size of something. For preschool kids, it is identifying bigger and smaller, less and more and so on. A kid can recognise the difference between a small ball and a big one.

  • Problem Solving

The ability to think through problem solving simply using past knowledge and identifying there is more than one way to answer using logical skills. Your kid will try more than one way to get the wanted results.

  • Pattern

They are things that repeat in a logical way. They help kids develop logical and reasoning skills. Kids use patterns to understand and predict what comes next. For example- Kids will learn to place particular items in a specific order that repeats such as placing green and red objects in a similar pattern like green, red, green red and so on.

To find a good Preschool, you must research online and make sure that the school you choose for your kid is providing online summer camp activities 2022.

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